Change can happen around us, or we can make it happen. As we’ve explored in the last blog, we’re in a place where we’re making intended change, making a difference in our own lives. We’ve done the hard work – this is the fun part of clarity and courage for change.

By day, I am a Project Manager. I’m plan how to make change happen, whether it be a new website creation or development of a new phone application. To make this happen, I think about what I want at the end; writing down all the things I need to do and put them in an order that makes sense. But changing something in your life is a bit different to changing computer software, right? Not really!

Back in June 2017, I knew I wanted a change in my life. I was lonely. Surrounded by good friends, family I adored and good things happening around me. However, I was missing a more personal relationship. Using what I knew, I sat and thought what my perfect relationship would look like. With that in mind, I created a vision board to reflect what my vision and propped it up in my bedroom so I would see it every day. The next steps in creating change was to create time and space in my life.

Creating space for my relationship was easy. I started to clear clutter in my bedroom so that I had room for the new relationship and all his things. In other areas of my home, I released what I no longer needed so that there was more clarity for what I could do next. Creating time for a relationship was a lot harder. My diary was full at evenings and weekends, and if I was honest, there was not time to date let be in a relationship. Saying no to random events where I knew I was only showing up to be seen was the start, then cutting back on other commitments too helped me clear space.

I met a guy a few weeks after. Okay, that fizzled out after a couple of weeks but then I met an even better guy. So much so I married him!

Over to you … Making Change

If you made the change you want to in your life, what would it look like?

Create a vision board (a collection of images that represent the change) and place it in a place in your home where you will see it often. I recommend the bedroom, opposite where you sleep as this helps you to absorb the energy when you sleep.

Second, make a list of the things you need to do to make the change happen. Start taking action on the list that propels you forward.

Third, and forth, starting making time and space for your change to happen. You can’t fill a full glass, so clear out things you no longer love or need. Start making space in your daily life for the change to happen, and it will.