I shook the quilt on my bed, then cringed as I heard a glass smashing behind me. My art-y pottery piece I brought in Pittsburgh was broken, I thought. When I turned around, my latest dream board / vision seed map was on the floor. Some how, the wind I had created with the shaking of my quilt had managed to knock my dream board off of the mantle piece. What a disaster!

Turns out; not so much. As I looked at the board, and at my boyfriend at the time, I knew the dream board was complete. There wasn’t anything more for me to wait for; my dreams had manifested. Of course, I didn’t really know my boyfriend at the time would become my husband in eight months time.

What’s a dream board? They have many other names, but it is a collection of images and words that you put down on a board (or in a picture frame like I do). You then use it as a tool for manifesting what you want to create in you life. I’ve been creating dream boards for over twelve years, but never had as much success as I had with the one I created on 11th June, 2017.

As much as I’d given up on love, it was still the thing I wanted. Sitting down, a couple of days before my birthday, I thought about manifesting a relationship and creating a new dream board. I had a few pictures from magazines of two happy guys, but it didn’t feel right. Meditating, I asked myself one question; if I had this relationship, how would I feel? Two words came to me, contentment and peace, and with that I went into those words, those feelings and I asked for a vision.

Cut and Paste Your FutureThose who know me, know I’m not a nature person. So an image of me walking up a hill holding hands with the love of my life wasn’t what I was expecting. But I went for it. Instead of scouring magazines for the picture, I went online to a royalty free website and typed in the words. Strangely, or maybe not, an image came up which represented my vision. I brought the picture (investing in this relationship to be) and printed it out. Next I put other images around the main image, and my dream board was created.

I had to do some work on myself, follow my intuition, clear clutter in my life and more. Three months later, we had our first date, and walked hand in hand up a hill. Six months after that, I said “Si” when we were married in Mexico.

Over to you … Wonders

What wonders do you want to create in your life? It doesn’t have to be big, it can be small. But the first step is declaring to yourself what you want, and asking yourself how that would make you feel. Then finding an image to represent that desire, the feeling and make a dream board.

Cut and Paste Your Future, my dream board class, is available on demand. For more information, click the link and create wonders in your life.