Clearing Clutter is one of my favourite things to do. Almost the same as buying the stuff which eventually becomes clutter. Recently, a box I had left to clutter clear “one day” had unexpected treasure in it.

The box had been in my loft/attic for years. It had gone up there as soon as I moved into the house because I didn’t have as much space in my bedroom for all the things I had and needed on a daily basis. It was there for ten years; un-opened and un-touched and no clue as to what was in there.

I should have just thrown it away. After all, I teach clutter clearing and if you haven’t touched what was in the box in six months, you should get rid of it. However, I knew in the box were some mementos from my childhood which I had wanted to keep.

As I went through the box, I found old letters to friends I barely remembered. Photos of people I hadn’t spoken to forever, and a collection of my favourite CD’s and a cassette tapes. These were my treasures. Music was always a place where I could escape to, and sing along with my favourite artists. The shiniest piece of treasure I found right at the bottom of the box was a mixed tape, I called “Dancey Ones 1”.

I played the tape and was taken back to the room I had at my grandmother’s house fifteen years earlier. I remembered the small tape player I had, and how I spent time selecting the right songs to go in order to fill the tape up, on both sides. As I sang along, I remembered the things I had gone through in my life up to that point. Even though they were painful, the music showed me of how far I had come.

When the tape finished one side, I played the second side, then did it again and again, feeling joy at the little bit of treasure I had found. The old photos and letters were ceremoniously released and CD’s let go. However, I kept my mixed tape, and continue to play it, even to this day.

Over to you … Uncovering Unexpected Treasure

Do you have a box of things which you haven’t gone through in a while? Maybe a place in your home where you’ve not looked in that cupboard or opened the drawer. Now is the time to have a clear out. Go through it, and honour what you’ve kept. If, like me, you find a treasure, then keep it. If not, then it’s time to let it go.

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