Abundance is one of those words which makes people think money. I know I do, or maybe that’s just me? However, I’ve come to a point where I connect abundance with experiences and pleasure, rather than money as a sign of abundance.

“You’re always travelling”, “You’re never home”, “Take me with you”. These are some of the phrases I’ve heard over the years when I tell people where I’m travelling to and the different places I’m going. You can’t travel from one side of the world to another without abundance (if you know how, then please tell me!), but you can recreate the feeling it gives you. Strangely, what I love most about travelling is the rooms I stay in.

There are many amazing things connected to travelling that bring me pleasure, but I love a good bed with a big quilt and plump pillows at the end of the day. I love the textures of the covers, the sheets and everything that goes with it. The room isn’t cluttered with stuff either, it has the bare necessities, if you count a trouser press a necessity! Above all, it has what I need to relax and recharge.

Denise Linn says that Abundance is a feeling. When we find that feeling within ourselves, we’re able to attract more Abundance. For me, I do this with my bedroom, but more importantly my bed. I have a memory foam mattress, good sheets and a quilt set which feels good with colours which soothe my soul. I have a middleweight quilt, medium to firm pillows which help fall asleep easily and effortlessly.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m feeling good and ready to face the day. Sometimes I stay in bed longer and savour the warmth and feeling of a good night sleep. Other times I am up and ready for the day ahead. This for me is one way of living abundantly; going to sleep and waking up feeling good.

Over to you … Savouring Pleasure by Living Abundantly

What about you? What’s your bed like and how do you feel when you get in it? You don’t have to spend lots on your bed to make you feel abundant. Start with small changes like the base sheet, or pillow covers. Small changes over time will create the pleasure of living abundantly.

Do you want help with making changes to savour pleasure and feel more abundant? Send me a message to book a one to one session.