When you look at the word release, it will bring up many different feelings and thoughts. For me, it’s about letting go. Not just situations or things, but sometimes it’s also about letting go of the things you’ve worked on so that you can do something new.

My day to day job is in software development. A ‘release’ is putting the code that the team have worked out into the world for people to use. Some of it may not be seen by the public, it may be just for an small group of people to use. Yet, when we’ve put the release out, we celebrate what we’ve done, and then we’re free to work on something new and different.

In terms of our lives, we can often hold onto things, situations or people to keep them as they are. Yet, that doesn’t do us any good as life is constantly changing. We have to go through the seasons, spring to summer, autumn/fall to winter or we would be stuck in an eternal winter or forever summer. The Earth needs the seasons as much as we need the change in our lives to help us grow.

Have a look around where you are sat now. What has been there so long that you no longer see it? I have a tealight holder that I brought in Iceland which looks like an erupting volcano on a shelf by my desk. To be honest, I’ve not noticed it, although it’s been there for a good few months.  If I move it to somewhere different, the energy in my space will shift. I have the chance to create a new feeling. Do something different.

Over to you … Release

Is there something you’d like to change in your life? If so, have a look at your current space and imagine your looking at it for the first time. What needs to change, or be moved, or done differently? It doesn’t have to be a lot, but often one small shift or change can bring a change for you, and your life.