Fifteen days into the New Year, and things are getting back to normal for many of us. I noticed a nice slow down for me as Christmas approached, hibernation for a week and then back ready to face the world on 2nd January. New beginnings always seem to happen around the 1st January, or in a new month or even new week; but they don’t always have to be.

Many of us may have picked new years resolutions, words for the year or specific intentions, but I believe that you can have a new beginning anytime you want. Sometimes it’s at those moments when things are going mad around us that we can give ourselves the opportunity to really step beyond what is happening.

Every moment in our life, we are offered a choice. A choice on how to react and what to do next. How many times do you find yourself having to make a decision, but rather than make the one you want you go with what appears to be the easier option. I know I do.

When my client is faced with a decision to make, I ask them to make a decision quickly, to get them out of their head. When they give me an answer, I ask how they feel about it. Then I ask them if they truly want to go with that decision, and often the answer is no.

Too many times we rush to make a decision with our minds, but not with our hearts. I do believe in making decisions with our heads is good, but the best decisions we make are the ones we do in alignment with out hearts. Our heart hold our dreams, where as our goals are in our mind. When we have the two of them in alignment, the possibilities are endless.

Over to you … New Beginnings

The next time you are faced with a decision to make, take a moment. You have the power here and can say yes or no, to make the right decision for you. No matter what you do, you have the chance to create new beginnings for yourself in every moment of your life, not just at new years, new month, new week.

Let me know how you get on!