“We know why you say ‘cool’ so much. It’s because your friend does.” This was a statement from my parents when they took my friend and I out to celebrate my birthday. It was a shocker to me, but also made me realise how often my actions were associated to someone else. For many years, I’d struggled with my own individuality because I was always questioned on where my ideas had come from. Even when they were my own.

Through Soul Coaching®, I’ve learned “who I am is enough, just as I am,” and it’s helped me in many situations, like the one with my parents. It has allowed me to let go of other peoples perceptions of me so that I can embrace who I am.

Recently I came across a statement from author Christopher Booker, who says that there are only seven basic plot structures in story telling. It took me a while to realise that even if he is right, look at how many wonderful stories are out there in the world. How many times have stories been retold to fit with the current world or another persons perception of what the story is.

Even in cooking. Have you taken a recipe you have found or been passed down to you and changed it to fit your tastes, needs or circumstances. I’m forever running out of different herbs and looking for an alternative to still continue on with what I need to do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I’ve made it my own version.

Honouring where the original idea comes from is important, but knowing you’ve put your own spin on things as well, shows you that who you are is enough. Just as you are.

Over to you … Finding Our Individuality

Do you have traits or things that you do which have come from another? Take a moment to honour them for their inspiration and what they have given you, and then recognise how you’ve put your own spin on it.