We all need that place where we can find peace. To unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Our bedroom is the ideal place, but when it’s the middle of the day and we only have a few minutes, lying down is not always an option. Finding a place of power in your home is the next best thing.

A place of power is somewhere in your home where you can sit down, relax and just be. It may be at the kitchen table, or a chair in your lounge. It could even be your toilet! When you are in this place, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to connect with what is so, without thought or judgement. You’re connecting to that place within you which has the answers you seek, even if you don’t know they are there.

Walk around your home and notice any place where you find your energy goes up. You may feel your body tingle or you get a flutter of butterflies in your stomach. When you’ve found this place, if there is a chair there, great. Sit down and notice how you feel. If there isn’t, can you put a chair there or something for you to sit on? You may need to move furniture around to make this happen, but finding that sweet spot will give you so much more as time goes on.

As you sit in your place of power, imagine you are a sacred mountain. Wise and deep, tall and expansive. Focus on your breath to quieten your energy and allow yourself this time to just be. You can return here anytime you want, it’s your home after all, and continue to build on creating peace within your home, and your life.

Over to you … Creating Peace with a Sacred Mountain

Find the place of power in your home. Try different spots in the home until you find the one that feels right. Then create that place of power. If it’s a place where others frequent. think about taking a blanket or something that is sacred to you. This will let others know you are in your place of power too.