As we venture into 2024, I’ve pulled an Oracle Card for you, using the Sacred Destiny Deck by Denise Linn, as a way to help you understand your year ahead. For a more personal view of 2024, why not book me for a Yearly Oracle Card Reading

The reading is based on the element of your Sun Star Sign as follows;

Fire ~ Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Earth ~ Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
Air ~ Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Water ~ Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Let me know what your thoughts are based on the card which has been drawn for you!

Fire – Protection

It’s important to look after yourself this year. This doesn’t mean locking yourself away and hiding away from the world, but by making self care a priority. Give yourself the opportunity to put yourself first, and anytime that something doesn’t feel right, go with that feeling and know that you know best. But this is also going to be a time where you allow yourself to go beyond what you would normally do, because you will be protected and looked after no matter what way you go!

Earth – Happiness

What a lovely word for the year! This is the time for you to embrace happiness in your life, and ask yourself what you can do to bring more happiness into your life. This is a time for you to explore what you truly desire too, not just what’s on the surface to bring you joy, but look at what really brings you the happiness. We always need to make sure the basics are met, but when you focus on the happiness in every moment, you will not be disappointed. 

Air – Embracing

2024 is a year of Embracing, and asking you to embrace what is so. While a lot of people will be looking to change their lives, you are being encouraged to embrace what comes to you – and see where it takes you. When we embrace what is so, what is the truth, then the opportunities are limitless for us. We don’t have to settle for what is so, but more embrace what it is so that we can make the most of what life has to offer us!

Water – Openness

Time to fling open your arms and see what the world has to offer for you. But it’s also going to be a year where you will need to open up to new ideas and ways of doing things. Not everything has worked in the past, and it’s going to be good to close the chapters of 2023 and open a new chapter for 2024. Make space to be open too. Clear the clutter and invite more of the things that you love and enjoy in, for it is time for you to have some fun this coming year too!

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