Winter Solstice On Demand Event

Join Felicia D’Haiti and Terry Bowen as they discuss the importance of the Winter Solstice, but also how you can work with the energy of this event for 2023 and take it into 2024.

This was recorded on 23rd December, but is available to download now, with pre-work and then the event as an audio.

£35 / $44 approx

Join Felicia and Terry, both Soul Coaching® Master Practitioners, Trainers and Teachers of Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing, as they take you on a journey through 2023 and plant seeds so you can blossom in 2024.

During the Winter Solstice experience, you will learn

  • What the Winter Solstice is and how you can harness its energy
  • The Three Keys of Your 2023: Gratitude, Lessons and Release
  • What to Expect from the Energy of 2024
  • How to take Action now to make 2024 your best year yet

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What attendees have said… 

Hey Terry and Felicia, thank you to both for taking the time to put on this Winter Solstice event.

Such a gorgeous energy prevailed throughout the session and such a deep connection was formed through the circle meditation. Thank you.

I found both your knowledge and generosity of sharing your knowledge the perfect way to start the day. Even though I am in the Southern Hemisphere, I will be able to utilise the information gleaned today later in the year during our Winter Solstice and through learning more about the Year of the Wood Dragon, I am more than excited about the results from the actions I have planned and also unplanned!

Also, through the session’s buoyant energy, I gained such clarity around what I need to finish releasing to make space for more joy to come in and to continue taking soul-aligned action towards my desired end results.

Thank you once again and truly a wonderful experience.


Dear Terry, Dear Felicia,

The Winter Solstice event was powerful. Thank you for the meditation, which brought clarity to me.

Thank you for the insights of the Wood-Dragon. I will clean and clear, so that the seeds I plant with your help, will grow easily.

Barbara, Germany

I have just taken part in the winter solstice workshop with Terry and Felicia this evening and it has been an enlightening and joyful experience. We connected with the year of 2023 and looked at what we learned, felt grateful for and what we could release ahead of 2024. We learned all about the energy of 2024 and I genuinely couldn’t be more excited for the coming year! This was the perfect way to see out the old and bring in the new! Both Felicia and Terry were wonderful mentors and teachers and I very much look forward to connecting with them in future offerings. Thank you for such a fantastic experience this winter solstice.

Zandra, England