I have been running ‘Past Lives’  workshops since 2008, and it has to be one of my favourite workshops to run.  I love watching people discover who they were in a past life, how they discuss it with such clarity, but most importantly, they move past those things that have been holding them back, whether that be consciously or un-consciously.

One of the most popular requests that I had, was for the past life meditations to be recorded… and so here they are!

On this download, I have created four meditations that you can use again and again to discover who you were in a past life, how that past life maybe holding you back in this life and to help you to start living your best life yet!

Available on Amazon or iTunes now!


1. Connecting with your Past Life Guide (15 minutes)

I love working with guides, helpers and loved ones from Spirit, and this meditation will help you to meet your Past Life Guide, but also connect and build up a relationship with them. This will help you in the other meditations within the CD. You can also use this meditation to meet other guides or your loved ones in Spirit as well.

2. Past Life Journey (30 minutes)

This meditation will help you to discover who you were in a past life, as well as make changes to help you in your current life. The past doesn’t have to equal the future and if at any time you don’t like what you see – change it! Ask your guide to help you or just use your imagination to do so!

3. Past Life Journey for Relationships (20 minutes)

If you have ever had the feeling that you know someone when you meet them for the first time, then there is probably a past life connection! You can use this meditation to find out who your loved ones, friends or colleagues were in your past life, and resolve and issues there, to make your current life connection with them so much better!

4. The Rapid Past Life Journey (10 minutes)

This meditation is designed to get you into your past life quickly, makes the changes you need and then apply them to your life straight away! I would recommend using the main Past Life Journey a few times before you try this one, but it’s great for a quick past life journey!