The Elements of your Soul – Getting Ready

Welcome to The Elements of Your Soul

I am so glad that you are joining me on this journey to The Elements of Your Soul: Hear the Messages of Your Soul!


At the end of these five days, you will have cleared clutter, looked at your life from within and and learnt how to connect with each of the elements. You will also have received a message from your soul and understood how to take action on it.


What is the Soul? For me, it’s the essence of who we are. It’s the part of us that is immortal, even divine and has incarnated here, and now, with a purpose.


However, we can sometimes forget that purpose and find ourselves trudging along in our lives instead of living a life that is fulfilled.


From the 12th May, you will receive a daily email which will have all the information you need for the five day class. It will include a meditation and three sets of tasks for you to do. I’ve kept the tasks small and doable in a short amount of time as I understand all too well how busy our lives are. 


I believe that when we take time to connect to the elements of our life, to understand the message our soul has for us, and for us to take time to live our life on purpose, magic can happen. 


Shopping List

I’ve wanted to make these five days as simple as possible, and therefore you won’t need much in order to take part.


As a minimum, I will suggest that you have a notebook or journal that you can record your experiences in. This is to be a private space for you to be able to write down your thoughts and feelings as you go through the daily exercises. 


For the last day, you will be creating a collage, and will need a magazine, scissors and glue, and of course something to stick your cuttings to. For years, I’ve brought picture frames from the local shop and flipped the paper inside to create the base for my collage. Here’s a link to one I use


The first four days of the program will be dedicated to connecting with the elements, and tasks that will enable you to release clutter, both physically and mentally. 


Each day, you will have a meditation to use, and a focus on the element task to do throughout the day. There will be a journaling based exercise and a clutter clearing exercise within a specific area of your home. 


The itinerary is as follows:

Wednesday 12th May – The Element of Air

Thursday 13th May – The Element of Water

Friday 14th May – The Element of Fire

Saturday 15th May – The Element of Earth

Sunday 16th May – The Messages of Your Soul

Facebook Group

There is power in community and those that join in on this journey. 


There is a private Facebook Group available to those that have signed up to join this program. If your registered name is different to your Facebook name, please let us know when you join so that we can admit you. 


I will be active in the group, and will be answering questions, and offering support in the group. It’s been my experience that those who join my programs are there to support and inspire those who are present, as much as I do. 

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Got a Question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question using the form below.