Day Two – The Element of Water

Today we will work with the Element of Water, which is connected to our emotional self as well as purification and cleansing. Your body is 75% water (although I know that number can differ), so take time to connect and think of the water around you and within you. Water is such an important part of our lives, much like our emotions. Communities were built around the water source, whether it be a river or lake, and as much as Air is tied to communication, I believe it’s important we express our emotions as well and share what it is we love and who it is we are. 

“Our connection to water is primal, and the longing to yield ourselves to the comfort of her fluid form goes back to the beginnings of our individual lives and the beginning of life on earth.  From immersion into a baptismal pool, to relaxing in a warm scented bath, to swimming naked on a warm moonlit night in an alpine lake, the pleasure and deep meaning attached to our experiences of water are profound.  We begin life in water and we are universally drawn to its soothing, cleansing, healing, and joy-giving qualities.”

~ Denise Linn, Soul Coaching®


Drink extra water today, and before you do drink it, energise it. Hold the glass or bottle in your hand and imagine sparkling energy filling the water. It can make a difference to your water, especially if you’re not used to drinking it. Be aware of the water around you and how it flows. When you wash or bathe, do it with intention. You could imagine you’re under a waterfall or bathing in a crystal clear pool in a sacred forest. Allow yourself the time to not only wash, but to clear away old stagnant energy and visualise yourself stepping out of the water shining. 

Journal Exercise: What Zaps Your Energy?

Have you ever been really happy about something, and someone has said “what are you so happy about?” as though you shouldn’t be happy? Or have you been sad and someone has said “what you are sad about?” as though you can’t be sad? Yes, me too! Our emotions are an important part of who we are and we should never dampen them down for anyone. The same goes for the things that we love or don’t love to do, we should be free to do them as much as we want, or not want to do. We have a fun exercise, and a not so fun exercise to complete. So that we finish the exercise on a good note, we’ll start with the negative. Write down all the things which Zap your energy. These are things you do which takes energy away from you, but you do it anyway.

For example, my phone is an energy zapper for me. It takes minutes away from me at a time, and those can turn into ten, twenty sometimes thirty minutes and I’ve not done what I wanted to.  I also have a couple of friends who are energy zappers. When I speak with them, my energy goes down as opposed to it being a pleasure to speak with them.

List all the zappers you have in your life right now. Even if they are ones you have to do – like pay the bills – it’s important to recognise where your energy goes. Once you have your list, look through it and find one or two which you can diminish.

One thing I do with my phone is to put it far away from me so that I don’t pick it up every five minutes.

What Juices Your Energy

Now we’ve done the zappers, let’s focus on what juices our energy – what brings us joy. 

List out all the things which make you happy and leave you feeling elated. It doesn’t have to be these huge things either, it can be something small like freshly ground coffee or going for a walk in the park.

Take time to list all the things which bring you joy, and then take time to go through the list and ask yourself what you could do to make this happen even more in your life.

We often don’t make joy or things that bring us joy a priority in our life, yet it brings us such good things, so plan to bring that joy with what juices you into your life.

Clutter Clearing – Bathroom

Today, we will focus our clutter clearing in the bathroom. Of course, the element of water is very present here, but this is also an important part of our home and lives. We spend our time refreshing, cleansing and rejuvenating in this room and when it’s clear from clutter our personal cleaning is enhanced.

As you look at your bathroom, start with clearing out old products, such as shampoo which are empty or you haven’t used them for a while. If this is a place where you keep medication, check that it’s in date and still usable.

This may be obvious, but it can be amazing how many products and medications we have locked away in the cupboard that we don’t use. Recently I found bars of Disney soap my sister brought me back many years ago; I was waiting for the right time to use them and realised the right time was now.

As you clear your bathroom, know that you are inviting more clarity into your life, and you will be taking that through and with you into the days and weeks ahead.

Additional Clutter Clearing Information

Clearing clutter is the ultimate way to make changes in your life, as well as clearing out what you no longer need. Clutter, for me, is defined as something that I don’t love or don’t use anymore. When I release the physical objects surrounding me, I’m inviting new experiences into my life that I couldn’t have before. Here are the steps I take to clear clutter, which may be of inspiration to you.

Set a Time Limit It is important before you start any clutter clearing, that you know how long you’ve got. You may think that you have all the time in the world, and it will take you no time at all, but actually it can be a bigger job than that. If you have an hour to clutter clear a space, then split the time in half. Thirty minutes would be dedicated to sorting through and clearing the clutter. The second half would give you time to get rid of the clutter, put back the objects that you love and leave you a clean space that will feel uplifting and clutter free. You can do this for smaller amounts of time too, so if you only have twenty minutes to spare, then split that into two rounds of clearing and then disposing of your clutter.

Clear the Surface Sometimes there is “stuff” accumulated on top of the clutter. It can be a powerful exercise to clear away the surface first. This way you can see exactly what clutter you have to clear. This is really handy when you have stuff you want to go through later when you have more time, enabling you to deal with or release the things that you need to do.

Four Boxes This is the most important part of clutter clearing itself. You will need to get four boxes or bags and label them as “Throw Away,” “Give Away/Donate,” “Recycle,” “Maybe Later/Store” and “Keep”. The names are quite simple, and should be self explanatory. The only thing I will say is that your “Maybe Later/Store” box should have an expiration date. Whatever you put in that box, seal it up at the end and put a date on it that is in six months time. If you’ve not needed anything in the box by that date, then you can give it away.

Questions to Ask Yourself The following questions will help you when you are going through your things to find out if it is clutter or not.

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I use it?
  3. Do I really need this?
  4. Does this fit who I am? Does this fit who I desire to be in the future?
  5. Does this make my energy go up, down, or remain neutral?

After answering these questions, decide if the object you are holding is clutter. Ask yourself, “Do I want to throw this away, give it away or sell it, recycle it, keep it, or store it for another time?” There is a place inside of you that knows the exact right answer. And there is immense power in making a decision. Decide quickly and go to the next item. It works well to decide quickly. This gets your conscious mind out of the way and makes room for your inner knowing to come forward.

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