Class Two: Building Your Dream Board

Class Two: Building Your Dream Board

Learn how to create your dream board, and how to create it in various formats, including an online dream board!


For the next class, you need to have your dream board completed as we will need it for our next class.

Building your dreamboard

You need either a piece of poster board, A3 card or my favourite an empty picture frame.

The main image to use is the one which comes from your vision in class one. In this class, I discussed taking the thing you want along with the feeling it will give you to create your vision. This will help you find the vision you can use for the dream board.

Find other images which support the thing you want to create. You can cut them from magazines or images you’ve found on the internet.

Take your time to move the images around your dream board until they feel right, then start pasting them down.

Spend time with your board once you’re finished, and have it ready for the next class.