Class Three: Taking Action on Your Dream Board

Class Three: Taking Action on Your Dream Board

In this last class, you will learn how to activate your dream board, create an action plan for your dream board, and how to use your intuition to take positive steps in making your dream board a reality!


What do I need to do?

Look through your board and start to note down the things which come to you with actions you can take now to help things manifest.

You may end up with a long list, and that’s okay, but you can only take one action at a time, so don’t feel like you have to do it all.

What is stopping me from achieving this?

This is a powerful question to ask yourself if you become stuck. The other question to ask is What can i do to make this happen? Write down everything and anything which comes to mind, and take action on it.

Your Action Plan

Make a plan that will help you do the things what come up from the two questions above. Pick the easiest ones first, and then challenge yourself with something a little harder. You can do this, and you’re doing it for you.

Letter to Your Future Self

Look at your dream board and think imagine everything came true. What would your life look like? Now, with that in mind, write a letter to yourself from the future. Pretend it’s 24th January, 2021 and what an amazing year it has been for you! Write to your past self to give them encouragement to say “it’s happened!”

Personal Sessions

I am offering personal sessions at £60 for a 50 minute session, with a follow up call for those who have taken part in the class. If you’re interested, then get in touch with me and we can set up a time for us to talk.


It has been my joy and pleasure to work with you, to help you manifest your dreams. I look forward to hearing how they manifest for you!

With love, and blessings,
Terry 🙂