Class One: Finding Your Dream

Class One: Finding Your Dream

Learn how to clear the past and your personal space to get ready to make your dreams come true.  You will learn how to refine your dream and make it work for you!


For the next class, take time to complete the following exercises;

Where are you now?

Take some time to write down where you are in your life. You are not justifying it, you are not explaining it, you are saying “this is where I am right now”. When you do so, you have the ability to change it for the better, for you.

  • Abundance
  • Fame (Not being a celebrity but how others see you and how you see your self)
  • Relationships (Not just romantic, but friends, colleagues/co-workers and other people in your circle.
  • Children and Creativity (Are you having fun)
  • Helpful People/Spiritual Guides and Angels and Travel
  • Career
  • Self Knowledge and Spirituality
  • Family
  • Health

Clutter Clearing

We discussed clutter clearing to make way for more of what you want to come into your life. This week, perform a surface clean at least so that you a clearer space in which to manifest.

From the “Where are you now?” exercise, pick one of those areas and use it as a focus for clutter clearing in your home. You can use the Bagua below to ascertain where that area is in your home. For example, if you want to invoke more fun, clear out the area in the middle right of your home.


What do you want?

This will be the most important thing that you do this week, as we prepare to build our dream board.

Write a list of all the things you would like in your life. Next to it, ask yourself; “If I had this in my life, how would I feel?” and write down what comes up. Take it further and ask yourself what it would be like to have that feeling in your life and see what else comes up.

Complete this for the rest of your list, and look for any common feelings that come up, and use that as the basis for the vision meditation. Use one feeling as your guide, and allow yourself to play with what you see.