Clutter Clearing Challenge – Day Bonus

Clutter Clearing Challenge Bonus

Bonus Day;
Space Clearing

Thank you for joining me for this extra, deep dive into Clutter!

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Now that you have cleared your space, it’s important to do two more things. Space Clear, and set intentions. I know, you’re going to say that you’ve done all the clearing, what more can there be? Well, we have moved the physical, but have you ever noticed that even though you’ve moved something out, there can be a lingering feel that something is still there. The worst example I can give you is if you had rubbish sat in the room that smelt, even after the item was removed, there was a lingering smell for a while. The same goes for energy too, so let’s add to the clutter clearing you’ve done by clearing energetically too.

Taking the time to space clear, after clutter clearing and cleaning can turn great results in to stunningly spectacular results.

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Space Clearing

Musical instruments, bells and chimes are great ways to change the space. My favourite though is to clap. To try this out, go into a room you haven’t space cleared and clap. You may notice a dull sound, more like a thud. Now go into a room you have cleared and I bet you will notice the difference. I love to use bells when I am clearing a space, but often I will go in and clap around the room until the sound is light.

Start at the door of the room and take a moment to think about the room you are walking into and how it feels. Walk around clockwise, clapping as you go, and focusing on the corners, the ceiling all around the room. I usually imagine I am breaking down old energy which needs to go. When you’ve finished, stand back in the room and ask yourself if it feels right or it needs another round.

If you have finished, then think about how you want to feel in this room and imagine that feeling starting as a light within you that radiates into the room. When you are complete, make the infinity symbol, or figure of eight to seal the room.

Today’s Challenge

  • Space Clear one of the rooms you’ve clutter cleared using the clapping method. What do you notice afterwards?