Clutter Clearing Challenge – Day Five

Clutter Clearing Challenge Day 5

Day Five;
Living Room Clutter

Thank you for joining me for this extra, deep dive into Clutter!

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The last day of our Clutter Clearing Challenge, and today we are looking at the Living Room. This is a place of sanctuary for gathering, a place to rewind and relax, and it should support pleasant conversations and entertainment. How do you feel in your living room?

  • Living Room Clutter
  • Questions to answer in your journal
  • Today’s Challenge

Living Room Clutter

This is a good room to do category clutter clearing; CDs/DVDs, books and mementos. Go through them and ask yourself questions such as “will I read/watch/listen to this again?”. This can be tough, but it’s worth being honest with yourself. I have every series of the 1950’s series “I Love Lucy” and I had great fun watching them. However, it saddens me to know that I won’t watch them again, but I have to hold the memory they were fun. Revealing all my secrets here – but I have no way to play them either because are region one dvds, and I have region 2 player! I have held onto them because I spent a lot of money on them, but now I spend more time cleaning them than enjoying them. It’s time for them to go! Be aware of this as you go through some of your books, cds and dvds. Dare I ask if you have any videos and still able to play them?

Mementos are the ornaments we have and the pictures we display (and I am sure there is something else in that list!). It’s good to be mindful that too many of these objects can overwhelm our space, and be forgotten. There are going to be some objects that I know you love and will want to keep, even if they aren’t used or noticed. One way to over come this and stop them being stagnant, rota them. Find yourself a nice way to store some of the objects and change them around with the season or other times of the years that suit you.

When I visit my nan’s home, there are pictures of my cousins and I, as babies. Each of her grandchildren are there as youngest; and there’s nothing wrong with that all. However, when we hold onto what happened in the past, we can no longer have a vision of the future. You can move old photos to a photo book or rotate them around so that you’re able to move with the times and being not only present, but seeing things for how they are now instead of what they were.

Questions to Answer Today

These questions will be the same for the next few days, but are important to ask yourself them before you start clearing.

  1. How do I feel when I am in my living room ?
  2. How would I like to feel in my living room?
  3. Are there any areas which are over crowded?

Today’s Challenge

  • Take time with your living room, and first check in with how it feels.
  • Are there any areas that are over crowded that need to be cleared?
  • Remove anything which is broken or not working.
  • Go shopping in your living room … would you buy those things again now?