Clutter Clearing Challenge – Day Four

Clutter Clearing Challenge Day 4

Day Three;
Kitchen Clutter

Thank you for joining me for this extra, deep dive into Clutter!

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Our Clutter Clearing Challenge takes us into the kitchen today. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s important to keep it clear of clutter. It represents all that nourishes and and nurtures you, and a clutter-free kitchen helps activate excellent health.

  • Kitchen Clutter
  • Questions to answer in your journal
  • Today’s Challenge
  • The Mysterious Power of Clutter Clearing

Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is also a metaphor for abundance in your life, and by clutter clearing old and expired food items, broken kitchen gadgets, and other odds and ends, you make way for more wealth, luxury and abundance.

Before you start, look around the entire kitchen and notice your feelings. Does it feel vibrant? Cozy? Healing? Inviting? All of these things can help you see your kitchen in a different way, and help you focus your clutter clearing where it needs to go. It’s not important where you start, but that you do start. Like I’ve mentioned before, clear the surfaces and only leave the most important items that you love and use every day.

Questions to Answer Today

These questions will be the same for the next few days, but are important to ask yourself them before you start clearing.

  1. How do I feel when I am in my kitchen?
  2. How would I like to feel in my kitchen?

Today’s Challenge

  • Take time when you walk into your kitchen today, and notice how you feel.
  • Check cans and packets for expiry dates, and clear out the things you’ve not used or never will.
  • Clear the surface and then start one drawer, one cupboard at a time.

The Mysterious Power of Clutter Clearing

I probably have your attention now you’ve read the word “mysterious”. Some years ago, an American housemate, who was moving out of the house, got detained when he tried to re-enter the UK on an expired visa. He couldn’t come to collect all the things he had acquired over his year of living in the house. His boyfriend came one night with his dad, and they cleared the bedroom. It took them all day! When they looked at the stuff in the kitchen, they admitted defeat and told me to keep what I wanted and throw away the rest.

It was so great, because the housemate was a keen cook, and he had these awesome heavy weight pots which I wanted. He also had a lot of stuff that I didn’t want, and one evening I started to clear out what I wouldn’t use. The next day, I had the idea to bake a cake, and the recipe called for an ingredient that I knew I’d seen somewhere, but couldn’t find. Guess where it was … yes, I’d thrown it away because it wasn’t something I would use on a regular basis.

Clutter Clearing has this affect. We’ve not used something, or needed it for years, but once we’ve thrown it away we suddenly need it. I sat with this predicament for a while. Do I go into the bin and rummage around for the missing ingredient or do I let it go and find a different cake. Truth be told, I went in the bin, I knew it was the last thing I threw away so could find it easily; but the cake was awful and it taught me to let go of what I’d thrown away.

We’re getting ready of our stuff because we don’t need it anymore, it’s okay to let it go and move onto something better (tasting!).