Clutter Clearing Challenge – Day Three

Clutter Clearing Challenge Day 3

Day Three;
Bathroom Clutter

Thank you for joining me for this extra, deep dive into Clutter!

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We continue our clutter clearing journey in our bathroom. Our bathroom is a place of cleansing and purifying, but also intimate, and therefore shouldn’t have clutter which could hold us back from that feeling.

  • Bathroom Clutter
  • Questions to answer in your journal
  • Today’s Challenge

Bedroom Clutter

I never thought much of the bathroom as holding much clutter, however we have a little cupboard which holds cans and cans of body spray which I’ve been given as a set at Christmas with shower gel. Then there was the cleaning products with just a bit in there, and need I go on?

If there are items in your bathroom that have been there a long time, but you’ve never used, then it’s time to let them go. If you hold onto everything thinking it may be useful one day, you are affirming that you’ll not have enough in the future. Let go and let good things come in.

If you keep medication in your bathroom, check the dates and make sure they’ve not expired. If they have, then it’s time for them to go too. Allow your bathroom to become a sanctuary to allow cleansing and purification.

Questions to Answer Today

These questions will be the same for the next few days, but are important to ask yourself them before you start clearing.

  1. How do I feel when I am in my bathroom?
  2. How would I like to feel in my bathroom?

Today’s Challenge

  • Walk into your bathroom with fresh eyes. What has been there for a long time, but you’ve not noticed until now? Clear the clutter which stops you feeling that sense of intimacy and a place to cleanse.