A Journey with Oracle Cards

I have developed an intimate relationship with Oracle Cards over the past 15 years. Each time I use them, I discover something new.

In “A Journey with Oracle Cards” I will share with you all that I have learnt, and more. You will go on your own journey to understand the messages and the insights the cards can bring. Oracle cards can evoke personal transformations, and I will show you how you can take action on the messages you receive.

Denise Linn - Sacred Destiny

Over 9 virtual lessons, you will learn how to read the cards for yourself. I will share how to connect with your cards in a deeper way to understand the messages they bring. You will learn how to ask the right questions, and special card layouts to use. To take your journey further, you will also learn how to work with others to give readings within a sacred space.

Class Logistics

We will meet every Wednesday from 3rd March to 28th April at 7pm UK time. 

All classes will be on Zoom, and recorded so that you can watch the class if you can’t make the live. Please note that you will be recorded as part of the class and the video shared with the class participants only. 

There will be a special Facebook Group during the duration of the class to help you connect with class mates and more.

Class Schedule

3rd March – Becoming The Oracle
In this class you will connect to your cards on a deeper, sacred level so that the readings you give yourself give you greater insight into the questions that you pose.

10th March – The Story the Cards Tell
In this class you will discover the story the cards are telling you and how you can take action on the advice you gleam.

17th March – Card Layouts and Spreads
In this class you will discover different ways to layout the cards to gain deeper meaning

24th March – Creating Sacred Space
In this class you will learn how to create a sacred experience and set the right energy to work with the cards.

31st March – The Oracle Language
How to focus your reading and the language to use when reading the cards for others.

7th April – Expanding Your Intuition
In this class you will discover how you can tap into your intuition to explore the cards, and follow the subtle mind, body and soul messages you receive.

14th April – Working with Clients
We are in a digital world, and in this class you will learn how you can conduct readings online and offline as well as helping the client to take action on what has transpired in the session with you.

21st April – The Dialogue between the Oracle Card Reader and the Client
In this class we will explore the dialogue between client and oracle card reader and delve into more card spreads to use with your client.

28th April – Beyond the Journey with Oracle Cards
Taking the next steps in your Journey with Oracle Cards.

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This class is £297, but until 12th February, it is at a special price of £149.

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Terry was our mentor in the SC Oracle Card Reader, Master Level course, in 2011.
While guiding us with daily cards and assignments for the various spreads, Terry taught us how to become an oracle for others.
It was so empowering to be trusted that we actually could DO IT!
With his finely tuned spirit Terry offers a safe and open space with immense wisdom and kindness.
The way Terry holds space is totally unique: In the most discrete way guidance and assistance are always combined with his sense of humour that shines through everything …
A in Turkey