In my many years of working with people in past life exploration, I have come to realise that miracles happen, and people have changed without much effort.

If you have been blocked in achieving what you want, and no matter what you have tried, nothing has worked, then your issue may be in the past.

Our life reflects the journey we have taken so far, but it doesn’t have to equal our future. We can change our life so that it is more in alignment with who we are and what we want.

Many of the things that block us from doing this, resides in our past. Sometimes from this life, but sometimes it goes back further. Our soul is eternal, and it brings with it lifetimes of experiences that have shaped us into who we are. Some good, some not so good – but we can change that.

We can live the life we truly desire.

It is my belief that, as spiritual beings, we come to the earth to go through different experiences.

We may come to experience one thing, such as humility or love. We may come to experience other things like what it is to be a parent, to be rich or to be poor. I don’t believe we can do this all in one go and therefore, have lived on this earth before in different guises. Or more commonly known – we’ve had past lives here.

Sometimes, we bring with us talents and abilities from past lives to make our current lives great. Sometimes we bring with us the beliefs and vows, such as poverty, that can hinder us.

Our Beliefs Create our Reality

You may have this before, but our beliefs really do create our reality. Sometimes, we can trace these beliefs back to a time in our current life and know where it comes from. However, there are occasions where the belief was created in the past, and it is clearing the belief there that we make our current life better.

For example, one of my clients, Joe, was never able to trust any body and didn’t have any friends. He travelled back to a past life where a friend killed him and ran off with his wife. This past life experience had played out in his life so many times, that he was lonely, but craved a relationship of some kind. In a past life exploration, we get to change that, as I did with Joe.

Our Past doesn’t have to equal our Future

When you go on a Past Life Exploration, you don’t have to be stuck with the past. You have the ability to choose how you want the past life to go. You get to reweave what happened in the past and make the life you explore better than it was. You are not necessarily changing the past, but you are changing your experience of it to make it the best it can be,

In the past life, Joe went back and told his best friend and wife that they could go off together, if that’s what they wanted. He changed the life so that new friends came along and he settled with someone who wanted to be with him. In this life, Joe started to trust people and built up a small circle of friends he could trust.

How can you Explore your Past Lives?

Whether I am working with you one-on-one or in a group, I use a meditation technique to help you relax and then begin to explore your past life.

Within a group (such as a webinar or workshop), I will lead you through a meadow where we explore and find a door that leads to a time tunnel that helps you to go back into your past life. When I work with you in a private one-on-one session, I guide you gently and you tell me what you experience as we explore the past life together.

You will not be hypnotised or put into a trance. My process is a gentle meditative experience where you will know what is happening, and more importantly be in charge of what happens next.

I have regressed hundreds of people in both one-on-one sessions and in groups. During this time I have watched as people have shifted and changed as they have experienced their past lives.

I’ve included three experiences shared with me. These are stories of Jane accepting who she was, Patrick who realised a fear and lastly Sally who wanted to know know about a man who showed up in her life.

Jane had trouble telling people that she was a medium. When someone asked her, she would deny it – despite being really good at it. In her one-on-one past life journey with me, we went to a life where she was a herbalist but medicine she gave didn’t help a young girl in the village. The village turned on her and she lived a life of isolation; away from her family and friends. She never gave herbal advice again.

We changed the past life so that she gave better advice and herbs to the young girl so that she lived. She was praised within her village and lived life with her family.

In her current life, Jane was approached by somebody out of the blue and asked if she was a medium. Without thinking, she said yes and has continued to let people know what she does.

Patrick joined me in a group workshop and when he went back he found himself at a pyramid wearing a crown and had red paint around his eyes. He was then set on fire, and people were calling out to burn the red queen. He managed to change the situation and was able to free himself of the fire and knew that everything was going to be fine.

Having researched this, he found out it was in Mexico, and it explained a fear of fire that he didn’t know where it came from.

Sally had recently met a man and felt an instant connection with him. Even though in their current circumstances they couldn’t be together, she felt a pull towards him and wanted to know where it came from. In our one-on-one Past Life Exploration, she went back to a life where they were a happily married couple, but he disappeared and she was left feeling lonely.

In changing the life, she went through life with her husband and experienced a joy and happiness that she had found was missing from this life. When she came out of the journey, she knew why they felt such a pull together and knew she had to make a decision on what she wanted to do, as opposed to just wondering about what could be.

My Personal Experiences

In the years that I have been exploring past lives, I have also had my own experiences and resolved issues in my own life.

  • Something stuck in my throat
    Whenever I got a cold, I would feel as though something was in my throat. I could almost “see” this shape stuck there, and I would lose my voice. One day, this happened just as I was getting ready to teach a past lives workshop. I needed to be well, and I needed to speak so I took myself on a journey. I found myself in a life where I was a preacher, yet the people didn’t want to hear me speak so they caught me, pined me down and put a moth or something similiar in my mouth; which killed me. I changed the life around, and spoke to people who wanted to hear me, and in present day I was able to teach my workshop and haven’t suffered losing my voice again.
  • Wanting to do everything
    Like many people who start on the spiritual path, I wanted to try everything. I realised this was a common theme in my life, and always tried to do too much. So I went back to a past life where I was in a town where I was rather young and wanting to get out in the world. As I stepped out into a road, I hadn’t looked where I was going and killed by a passing vehicle. I remember that as I died, I held the belief that I hadn’t experienced everything. I changed the life and experienced more in that life, and in my current life I slowed down to enjoy the experiences I was having.
  • Writing my own stories
    For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to write stories however a fear of copying someone else stopped me. I decided to explore this in a past life and was taken back to China where I was a copier. I had to copy ancient texts and copy them exactly. When I tried to change them, to make them something more I was beaten and my hands broken. I changed the life and spoke with the holy man there and told him what I wanted to do. He took my under his wing and let me write the way I wanted to. In my current life, I wrote the beginnings of what was to become my first published short story.

These are just some of my own personal experiences, and I continue to explore my past lives. Sometimes for a specific reason, and sometimes to view what happened in my past lives.

If you have a question, would like to book a private one-on-one session or want to know more – please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below.