Clutter Clearing Quest

Join the Clutter Clearing Quest, Starting 18th January for only £189

From a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical “stuff” equates with letting go of emotional blockages and barriers in your life. In truth, clutter clearing is never just about the stuff; it’s a signpost that indicates other things going on in your life beneath the surface.
~ Denise Linn

Join me for on the 21 Day Clutter Clearing Quest 18th January – 8th February 2023 on Zoom and Facebook

This 21-day Soul Coaching® Clutter-Clearing Quest program is designed to support you in getting every area of your life on track and to empower you in having a remarkable, sparkling life.

Every day there are exercises to do each day and there are specific sessions with me to help you discover what’s beneath the surface.

On your journey with me, you’ll be asking yourself questions about your stuff, such as: Does it feed my soul? Is it useful? Does it improve my life? Does it support my dreams?

How will this work? 

  • We will meet on Zoom weekly for group coaching and teaching to help you clear the clutter
  • A secret Facebook group will be set-up just for the group, with daily postings and check ins to help you make a shift in your life.
  • You will have personally set daily tasks that will guide you through the clutter clearing process.

Weekly Zoom Calls
Our group coaching weekly calls will help you learn about clutter and how to clear it, plan your week ahead and help you make the most of your week ahead. They will be at 6pm GMT, but click the links below for your local time zone. They will be recorded so you don’t miss anything.

This program is usually £249, but as a special price for those who completed the Clutter Clearing Challenge, it is £189