Every week, I am going to be drawing upon the Soul Coaching ® Oracle Card deck for my inspiration in my blog.  This week, I’ve pulled the card ‘Wisdom’.  Here is the truth though.  I have sat with one card for the past week, and I could not think what to write.  I started and restarted many times over, and even though I heard a little voice say shuffle and pick another card, I didn’t   Finally, I did, I picked up my deck, and shuffled.  As I did, I looked up on my wall where I have a selection of cards that I’ve pulled or been given, and I glanced at the Wisdom card.  I stopped shuffling, and I am telling you the truth when the ‘Wisdom’ card was the card I turned over!  If you read my blog from yesterday, I think you would agree that there are no accidents!

I knew what I had to do.  The card that I had originally pulled was not the one that I really wanted to write about this week, and yet I ignored that little voice that knew better.  I actually wonder how many times I have stopped doing something, or stopped living my life because I wasn’t following the rules of how things should have been!  I did want to let Spirit guide me with my choice of card for this blog, but I also knew that I would write about the right card when the time was right.  I know that when I do sit down to write about the other card (I’m not telling which one, hehe!) that it will be at the right time in my life.

Last night, I sat and watched ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the latest version with Johnny Depp.  When I was a child watching the Disney cartoon version, I always hated the caterpillar, Absolem.  He smoked for one thing, but the other was that he didn’t seem to make much sense.  However, I loved listening to him in the film, not only because he was voiced by the excellent Alan Rickman, but because his words and his questions were just powerful.  His questions didn’t seem to provide answers, but allowed Alice to find her own.  I have learnt that the only person who knows how to live my life is me.  Others can suggest or guide me in what to do, or try to explain what is the best way for me to move forward, but at the end of the day, I am the only one who knows how to live my life and the only one that can take action.

Within us, we have all the knowledge, wisdom and even courage to take the steps that we need to in life.  Sometimes we need to change the card we are dealt for one that we can deal with.  I once heard that we only get the challenges we can deal with.  I also know that we have the wisdom within us to make the choices we need to.