I am sitting on a plane, and heading to South Africa for a work conference.  I actually enjoy this time, as it means I get to sit and watch some films and take time out – and just relax.

I watched three movies in total during the eleven hour flight, and the first was one I was looking forward to, only to find that I really wanted to turn it off!  The next was a typical romantic comedy, and then the third is one that I classed as a last resort – but turned out to be amazing!

500 Days of Summer was the name of the film, and it featured a guy that fell head over heels for this girl (called Summer), and how he spent the next 500 days with her, both in and out of a relationship.  I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone that hasn’t seen it, but he has this belief that there was this one girl for him.  Whether that changes for him or not – you are going to have to watch the film, but for him – at one point in the film, he just knew!

We are often called to check in with what we are thinking, feeling or just knowing – and when we trust that feeling, and go with it – we enter a new way of being.  Its called being in the moment!  When we find ourselves focusing on the past or the future – we are not able to do anything about it!  Being in the present moment though really allows us to connect with our intuition, ourselves, and allows us to just know what step we need to take next!