I believe that we are all on a spiritual journey to experience life. There were times when I believed in life lessons, but that felt harsh. I don’t think in terms of good or bad, because each of the experiences we have enables us to grow spiritually. Whatever the situation is, if we look back on some of the turning points in our life, the times when something really shifted, we often find that it has helped us in ways we wouldn’t have imagined.

Some years ago, I sat in a general meeting for an organisation I belonged to. The secretary was standing down and the committee were reaching out for someone to fill the post. “You could do that,” my friend said to me, so I put my hand up. I ‘got’ the job, but more because no-one else was going to do it, and dived straight in. I made changes, did all I was told to and thought I was doing a good job. Unit I was let go a year later. Apparently I wasn’t committed enough.

I was angry and upset, and couldn’t understand why things had happened when I had been upfront with them about bookings I had. I tried to look at the positives, including the amount of time I would get back because I was no longer doing that role. However, I was still angry and wanted to experience my anger. So I made a cryptic post on Facebook. That was my turning point. A friend messaged me, asking if I had lost my job and was looking for a new one.

The truth was, I was fed up in my day job and wanted something else. I said yes to my friend and was interviewed and hired within a couple of weeks. The job was exactly what I was looking for and meant I got even more time back because I didn’t have a three hour commute for work.

I could have stayed angry, I could have gone to a happy place, but I chose to be honest with how I was feeling and that enabled me to gain something more from the situation. I was happy that I had been let go, because it allowed something greater to come into my life.

Over to you … When you Experience Life

Have a think back over the experiences in your life, you may want to write down the events in a time line. Then find one event which you thought was bad at the time and ask yourself what else happened. When we recognise the gifts that come from the experiences we have deemed bad, we are able to recognise other good times too.