Our body tells us about who we are. This isn’t just the style of what we wear, but also in the way we hold ourselves. If you see someone approaching you, head held high; what do you think about them? They are probably confident and know where they are headed. If you see someone who has their shoulders slumped and they are looking down; they are probably not that happy.

How do you hold your body? Think about the way you walk around. Does it match how you are feeling? Does it match how you want to feel?

We have control over how we hold our bodies, and when we are conscious of doing this, we are able to make subtle changes in our bodies that have a massive impact in our lives.

Over to you … What’s your body saying?

A little exercise that can show you how this works; stand up, look up and raise your head to the sky. Note how you feel and then shake it off.

Now, look down and slump forward and note how you feel. Then shake it off.

You probably know this already, but you would have noticed that you were feeling good when your hands were to the sky, and felt not so great when you had looked down and slumped forward.

One last thing to try; reach up and look to the sky and try to be unhappy. You can’t, so the next time you are wanting to shift the way you feel, change the way you hold yourself and notice how it helps.

Now, I know you can’t walk around with your hands up in the air all the time, but you can look up and forward. You can pull your shoulders back, just a little. When you do, you will feel the difference in the way you feel within yourself, and this can have a great change to the way you live your life.