Last night I had the joy to work with a close friend of mine, Denise, as we gave messages from loved ones in Spirit.

Before the evening had even started – we were joking, laughing and pulling pranks on the chair person, my friends husband, Les!  The one thing about the three of us together is that we always wear the same colour clothes!  Last night, we all wore a light blue colour – that was really distinct on each of us – but still we looked the same.  It shows you how in tune we really are with Spirit and each other.

When it come to the clairvoyance part of the evening, we both did well.  A combination of me offering free hugs to a lady in the congregation and Denise giving amazing evidence and proof that Spirit are there, are real, and know exactly what is happening in the recipients life.

However, sometimes the messages that we give are not often the same ones that are received.  When the loved ones in Spirit draw close, they are connecting with you for a reason – they want to express and show their love, but also they want to impart some knowledge, or some advice that will enable you to move forward in your daily life.

Spirit communication is a three way process, and involves Spirit, the Medium and the person that is receiving the message.  When these three parts are in line with each other – the messages will flow easily, the evidence and the character of the person in spirit will show, and it can be a really great and special event to happen.

When one of these parts are out of sync, then the message may not be received, the spirit communicator will have trouble connecting and giving the information that they built up to pass on.  If you can think of a telephone conversation where you have picked up the phone – and you are saying “hello, hello” to get a response – and no-one is there, well, that is what it is like when one of the parts of Spirit communication is not there.

How can this be changed to ensure that everything is in line?  It is going to sound really funny, but don’t think… allow yourself to be!  Sometimes we can get stuck in thinking and expecting to connect with certain people in Spirit, or we can get stuck in what they are trying to tell us.  The best thing that you can do when receiving a message is to just be open to the possibility.  Spirit use a lot of energy to connect to you, and then if you refuse to accept the message, or argue with what is being said, then you are not going to be able to receive what is being said.  By not thinking, and just listening to what is being said – you will receive much more than what is being said to you through the medium.

The next time you visit a medium, or go to an evening of clairvoyance, go with an empty mind, and just allow yourself to receive the message and the love that is coming from Spirit!