I hadn’t really been prepared or expected to be made fun of during my weekly radio show, but it happened. I have since found out that it happens to many people who offer Mediumship readings through Blog Talk Radio. I guess it had to happen sometime, but it happened to me, and it left me thinking that I was going to give it all up… I thought to myself, “why did it happen to me?”! I guess the true answer is – why not! I am just the same as anyone else, and just because I am a medium, it doesn’t mean that I get special treatment.

Two callers, one after the other were there to give me trouble! Whilst I still don’t understand all that happened, what I do remember, and now know, is that the Spirit person I was trying to communicate with for these two callers, wasn’t for them, it was actually for me! Spirit were telling me to stop, and not continue, but I didn’t listen, I didn’t hear what was happening – I was trying to connect them to the callers as I always do.

The difference here was that the two callers both told me who they wanted to connect with, and despite me going against my own first rule of mediumship in that I tell you who is communicating; I really wanted to connect the callers with who they were looking for. I have an issue in that I always want to help people as much as I can, and in some ways that is my way to get people to like me! It may sound crazy, but that is one of my secrets… I want to be liked!

I know now that it if I stuck to my own rules, I would have had a great evening! Of course, this realisation wasn’t on the night… it took me a few days to get there!

The next day, I was feeling flat and thought that I would just give up Spiritual work altogether! I couldn’t shake that feeling, and needed something or other to really help me boost my spirit. I have been learning and working with colour recently, and I have my own way of working with colour, and how they can boost your mood, activate clarity or give you strength. As I don’t wear a lot of colour, I’ve started to buy black socks with a bold colour in them. My thinking is that if I have that colour on my feet, I am going to be walking in that energy. As I looked through my sock drawer, I needed more than just one and I chuckled at the thoughts of wearing odd socks! Knowing no-one would see me, I picked out red for strength and yellow for clarity of mind! You know that feeling when you think everyone that you talk to or who sees you walking in the streets know your secret… well I did have that feeling wearing odd socks, but thought that I didn’t really care – today was going to be my odd socks day!

My lesson through the whole experience is that I have to be true to myself, and do things the way that are right for me, and not to please others in hope that they will like me. I am still learning that people will like me when I am authentic to who I truly am.