Something was going on in my life, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was tired, yet my mind was alert. When I tried to go to sleep at night I was still wired. There were little signs telling me what was going on, but even still I was ignoring them. Every day, at work, I would go to the coffee counter and buy a large americano. It wasn’t just one though, it would be two or three in the morning, and another couple in the afternoon – at least. One day, the barista commented that I drunk a lot of coffee, yet it didn’t click. Then one night I had a dream.

The details of the dream are hazy now, but I remember I was going to do some washing. Inside the washing machine was a thick black goo rolling around in the machine. When I woke up I was confused about the dream and let it go. That morning, I ordered my coffee as normal, but just before I put milk in, I was reminded of the dream. I knew what the dream meant. The coffee wasn’t good for me; it was black goo in my stomach and I needed to stop. I’ll admit, I still put the milk into that cup and drank it, but it was my only cup for the morning. Then I had one more early afternoon, but that was it. That night, I got off to sleep better, and over the following days I slept well and didn’t feel as exhausted as I normally did.

Our dreams hold messages for us which can help us in our waking lives. Often the first thing I’m told is “I don’t remember my dreams”. This is usually followed with the person telling me about a dream that they do remember. Dreams are fascinating insights into our lives and can give us new information which we may not see in our waking life. I remember wondering if someone was lying to me, but couldn’t tell. In another dream, they pulled apart a motorbike to show me everything. It turned out they weren’t lying to me at all in waking life either. When we focus on our dreams, we can gain even more insight into them and what they mean in our waking lives.

Over to you … Washing Machines and Coffee

What dreams do you remember, and what messages do you think they hold for you? A lot of times we do start with the sentence; “I don’t remember my dreams”, but if you were to change that around to “I remember my dreams” you will notice a shift, and you will be able to remember them. If you want some more suggestions, then join me for my free online class – Dreaming: Learn how to Remember your Dreams on Tuesday 15th May.