Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 6 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Gaetano Vivo whose book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls launches on Amazon on Tuesday March 20, 2012.

Italian born, Gaetano Vivo is one of Europe’s most experienced and sought-after Reiki Masters, practicing in the UK, the US and Italy. He is a member of the Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, the International Council of Holistic Therapies, the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Noetic Association of America. From a young age he has experienced the ‘calling’ of ‘others’ who wish to pass on teachings and wisdoms in order we may make lighter work of our time here on Earth. Although, due to being brought up in a strict Catholic community, he was forced to ignore this information, he never forgot what he had received. For decades, Gaetano has been treating clients from all walks of life, regardless of faith or creed, believing that the healing power of love is open to all of us. When not touring he divides time between his homes in England and Italy and takes great delight in his garden.

Gaetano’s new book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls addresses the questions, “Could wise and wonderful beings contact us from beyond this world and unveil our true potential? Would knowing that we really mattered enable us to uncover the truth behind our reason for living?” This fascinating book offers answers, spiritual practices and comprehensive meditations by teacher, healer and author, Gaetano Vivo, which have the potential to strengthen, heal and transform lives and bring hope and inspiration. It also clarifies the true nature of Reiki as a simple, yet profound tool for accessing and accepting the power of universal energy—what we might call ‘love’ or ‘God’—and touches on our fundamental dilemma: Who are we and why do we exist? More than 20,000 people have already enjoyed Gaetano’s earlier offerings in both English and Italian. This book offers the reader a chance to digest messages from ‘higher beings’ for greater understanding of our own personal evolution. Anyone seeking to live a happier, better life, and has felt the desire to undertake life with greater confidence and self-worth, will relish this book.

Yesterday, Gaetano visited Shelagh Jones at, where she shared her recent podcast interview with Gaetano on his book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Gaetano when I got to ask him some questions on his story, inner child and awareness. I hope you enjoy it.

Terry Bowen: What is the story behind writing the book and what lead you to write it?

Gaetano Vivo: Some years ago I was going through a mid-life crisis – looking at stopping my Reiki practice, as it was not fulfilling my expectations any more, and concentrating on myself.  The Angels of Transparency appeared before me, childlike Angels who told me to concentrate on myself more, that my intuition was right, that I needed to work on healing my inner child and that this would be a good healing for me that I could then use to help others.  I did an inner journey for a few years and while I was nurturing, nourishing and healing my inner child I was channelling the Angels to write the book.

Terry Bowen: Why heal the inner child, and how can it be done?

Gaetano Vivo: Healing the inner child is something I’ve been doing for the last few years, working with the childlike Angels.  When I talk about healing the inner child I mean coming to terms with certain issues in your life – the inner child is you and is a part of you that has been abandoned so it is important to heal and rebuild that part, to get faith in yourself.  To love yourself is the main thing and to go forward in your life, healing your inner child not only for yourself but for those around you so that they can eventually learn to heal themselves.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel for the heart chakra – the heart chakra’s colour is emerald green (it can help to imagine it when calling on him) – calling on Raphael is a very good way to start healing the inner child, calling him to you. Your inner child is like having a little Angel inside of you – it is so important to understand that the inner child is the part of you that got forgotten so even calling on him can help to heal him – because he is a part of you, he shares your name so it is easy to know how to call him back to you.

Terry Bowen: What are steps to expanding your awareness?

Gaetano Vivo: There are different ways of expanding your awareness; through meditation is one of the best ways to do it.  Once someone’s body and mind is completely relaxed you can feel the energy moving within and around you.  You can feel sensations and your breath in your body, you might feel all sorts of signals that come your way like a light wind, fresh air coming through you – these are hints that allow people to see and feel the energy, the elemental beings and the Angels around them.  That is the best way to expand, step-by-step, our awareness of Angels and Spirit Guides.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Gaetano Vivo and that you’ll check out his book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls at

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