I think that we all know the turning points in our lives. The times when things changed in our lives. This may have been good things, it may have been not so good things, but we can trace back those events that we cherish and would rather forget. I remember one of the turning points in my life, and it was when I discovered Denise Linn. I used to listen to Hay House Radio everyday at work and learnt about different types of Spirituality and ways that I could improve my life. One show that I loved, and still do is with Denise and her show, Soul Coaching®.

At first, Denise started talking about Past Lives, and I listened each week as she gave pieces of information about how you can connect to your past lives and more. When I actually did my first regression with her through the recording, I was flying (in a plane of course!). I remember thinking afterwards that it really wasn’t working, and that I should probably try it when I was on the ground! Towards the end of the year, Denise then started talking about the series of programs that she was going to be doing, called Soul Coaching.

I can remember the first day, of what is a 28 day program. I was visiting a friend in Malta and it was the first of January 2007. I had an exercise to complete, and it was the most profound experience. It asked me to say where I was in my life, and as I went through the different areas of life, I recognised that I really wasn’t living life the way I wanted to. I shrugged it off, but that thought stayed with me. For the next 28 days, I begun to go through my life, writing and reflecting on where I was. I didn’t think much had happened by the end of the program. However, after a little while I noticed that things had changed. I had a little more confidence in myself. I wasn’t as quiet as I normally would be. I took my time with things rather than rushing to get them all done. I wasn’t living life the way I wanted to… but I was getting there.

I decided to do the program again. There are three levels to each day, and at first I did just the first level, I was testing the waters so to speak. However, noticing how good I felt spurred me on to redo the program again, but this time doing the other two levels as well. As the end of doing the 28 day program again, I really noticed a shift in myself, my confidence and so much more. It was a great feeling and one that I wanted to keep. After doing it one more time, I knew that this was something I wanted to share with others, and in October 2007, I decided that I wanted to take training with Denise herself, to become a Soul Coach – and so I did.

Since then, I have taken many others through the Soul Coaching program, and it’s one of the best things ever. I have loved watching them as they have begun to live their lives the way that they want to. It’s one of my turning points that I am so glad to share with others.