It seems like only yesterday when I stood in the salt mine in Poland and heard the whispers from Spirit that I could leave my job at Ladbrokes. However, almost 9 months later, I am now stepping into a new phase of life, and back working in an office. It is one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve done, and yet I am so pleased that I have too!

I knew that when I left Ladbrokes, I was going to be doing something different. I knew that my spiritual path beckoned, and that something more was going to happen, but I didn’t know what. I also knew that the Middle Eastern saying, “Trust in God, but tie up your camels” also applied, and with that, I had to make decisions about my life and where I was going.

I decided last month that I would start to look for a job. I put my CV/Resume out there, and straight away I was bombarded by job agencies calling me with wonderful offers, but they were all had one thing in common – gambling! I had decided that gambling was not for me anymore, and I wanted to do something different. However, fear kicked in and I took the first interview I had been offered with a gambling company. It felt very weird to be back in that environment, yet somehow comforting. As the interview progressed, I feigned interest in the role, but later told that I was not ‘aggressive’ enough! I actually took that as a compliment. A second interview was for a clothing company, and I guess my lack of interest in fashion didn’t help me there, and a third interview was for a charity. I thought this will be great, but when I met them, it just didn’t feel right. I started to panic.

I think that when in doubt, ask a friend, and two friends stepped up for me, both giving me great advice. The first asked me, “What would you tell someone in this position… you would tell them to make a dreamboard”. I didn’t get that far, but I made a list of all that I wanted from my new job. The second friend said that I should look at temping, and whilst it wasn’t anything I had considered – I thought, why not. This was all on a Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday morning, I got a phone call from an agency, asking me if I am interested in a role that was temporary to permanent. I said yes, and on Thursday I was told that they liked my CV, and wanted to see me on Friday. On Friday, I had the interview at 2pm, loved the company, the people, and was invited back for a second interview on Monday. The agency called me after the interview, and said they wanted to speed up the process, and could I have a telephone interview at 4pm instead. I agreed, and at 4:30pm, I got the job, and have just completed my first day there! It is early days, and I don’t know what will happen – but I know that when you trust in God, but tie up your camels, something good will always happen!