I was in a bit of a mood over a really silly thing that had happened.  As I thought about it, and built this thought up – I noticed how it just exploded into lots of silly things that I would do, and how upset I was.  I was walking to work … and thats when the Universe / Spirit decided to have a laugh – I did not see the dog poop on the path!  I slid a little bit as I trod straight in it, got my balance back and just thanked myself for not falling over!

I laughed quite a bit, then I realised what I was being told (excuse the language but…) “Think shitty thoughts and you will get shit back!”

I realised that I really need to just get over myself as life is too short for me to be moody over something little!  Since my crappy moment, I have smiled and focused on all the good that is around me!