Whilst I am never surprised about the power of healing thoughts, I am always grateful for it.

My parents have six dogs, and one of them, Lulu, became pregnant when my parents were on holiday. Lulu has always been timid, mainly because she was a rescue dog, but she is always full of love when I see her – and lets you know that she needs to be picked up and cuddled as soon as you see her! During one of the scans, they found that she had three puppies within her, but the vet did expect more.

On the day that the puppies arrived, one, a girl, came out first of all, and then a while later, another girl popped out! She has since been named ‘Poppy’! However, nothing more happened. My parents were advised to take Lulu to the vets, where they discovered that her placenta had ruptured, and she had to have an emergency caesarean, but unfortunately, she lost four more puppies. The two puppies that she was having were not doing too well either, and there was a chance that Lulu would not make it.

I made one statement on Facebook, asking my friends to send healing thoughts to these little dogs. The response was amazing, and I am truly grateful to everyone who sent their healing thoughts. The good news is that after the first night, the puppies and Lulu all improved. Despite not taking to the puppies at first, the second day Lulu did step up to her role as mother, and begun to look after the puppies. They weren’t feeding properly at first, and needed to be hand fed at some points, but again through the healing thoughts that people sent out, the puppies soon begun feeding from their mum – and continue to get stronger each day.

Sending out healing thoughts is very easy. You don’t have to have trained as a healer, or think of it as a complex thing – but by just thinking of someone or a situation in a positive outcome, can help amd will send the healing that is required. I will be honest and say that I don’t know how it works – but I know it always works in the best possible way. I trust that Spirit knows what is best, and that my thoughts are heard, and the healing energy is sent to that person, animal or situation. It is not just for special people, it is available for everyone, and you can also ask for those healing thoughts for yourself too!