Every night, we dream.  In every 90 minute cycle, we dream about 4 to 5 times.  Our dreams are more important than we sometimes give them credit for.  Some people experience prophecy within their dreams, some solve issues that they’ve had during the day and others find inventions that revolutionise the world.  Just ask Elias Howe how his idea for the sewing machine came about!  Einstein was another great dreamer too!  His theory of relativity came to him in his dream.  So dreams are important, and can give you insight into things that you never thought of before.

The first thing you need to do is to remember your dreams!  Check out my tips from yesterday, if you haven’t already, on how you can remember your dreams.  When you first start, or don’t have much experience in remembering your dreams, give yourself time.  You really only need to remember one piece or have a vague idea of what was in your dream.  When you do, write it down, and then you may remember something else.  No matter how silly it may seem, write it down.  For pretty soon, it may make sense!

Now, you may write an epic story about your dream, or you may have some key words about what was happening in the dream.  Whatever you have is good!  If you have an epic, underline the key words that jump out at you; the main pieces of the dream.  Now look at one word, and write down everything that comes to your mind as you look at the word.  For example in my dream with the washing machine, the words that came to me were; cleaning, washing, making fresh, necessity.  If you get stuck, ask yourself the question “if I knew what that meant, what would it be?”  Continue doing this with the other key words in your dream.

The next thing to focus on is how did you feel in the dream?  This may sound odd, but as you have all the keywords in your dream, you will notice a feeling. It may be good or not so good, but recognising the feeling will help you too, for the next question I have for you.  When did you last feel like this in your life?  This will give you a clue as to how this dream will relate to your life now, and if you are going through a similar situation.

You now have a lot of information relating to your dream.  You have key words that can give some insight and also you may have a previous situation in your life may be reflecting what’s happening now in your life.  Begin to explore all the information you have in front of you.  You will have noticed a them occurring, one that will give you the reason and meaning for the dream.   If you are still stuck, then the question to ask yourself is; “If I knew what this dream meant, what would it be?”  The response you get my surprise you!