Following on from the element of Air yesterday, today I am looking at the element of water and how it connects to us as people. Water is also another important element, without it we wouldn’t get too far! We drink it, wash in it, use it to clean our clothes and dishes, but also we use to help our vegetables and plants grow as well. There is so much more to the element of water too.

In ancient times, our communities would have been built up around a water source, we begin our lives in water, and we continually to be drawn to its soothing, cleansing and healing properties. Water represents the emotional aspect of ourselves, and you may have heard the phrases about crying a river of tears! Yet water is also connected to our intuition and I find that when I am working intuitively, my thoughts become fluid as though they are moving around and as I go into the flow of the intuitive thoughts, anything can happen!

There are some ways that you can connect more easily with the element of Water, to bring balance in your life.

1. When you take a shower next, imagine that the water is clearing away old energy that you no longer need. As this is done, imagine that the fresh water is invigorating your spirit and your soul!

2. Focus on the water around you. Water is in everything, the atmosphere, your food, and your tap, so focus on the water that connects to you, and bless it. As you bless the water around you, you consume the blessings – which is always good!

3. If possible, submerge yourself in water, and imagine that you are water. As you do so, you bring a sense of flow into your life, and so much more!

Tomorrow, I will be talking about Fire and how it connects to you as a person. If you are interested in bringing more clarity into your life then you may be interested in taking the 28 day Soul Coaching Program with me, where we spend 7 days focusing on the element of Water!