I love the element of Fire.  It has the power to create and yet destroy at the same time.  It can be contained to nurture, to keep us warm, but when left unattended it can grow wild and cause havoc.   Fire is also another essential element, because of all of the reasons above… well maybe not the destroying and causing havoc part!  However, Fire is an important part of who we and we use the element of Fire in more ways than we probably realise.

Fire is also connected to electricity, which without that you wouldn’t be reading this!  It does so much for us, and yet we sometimes take it for granted.  The element of Fire also is a connection to our spirit; it’s our spark of life, the flame that is within us.  When we connect to the element of Fire, we spark our own creativity, which is a natural part of who we are.

To balance and reconnect with the element of Fire in your life you can do any of the following;

1. Recognise and appreciate all aspects of Fire within your life.  The electricity that’s around you as well as you that is within you.  As you do, you will notice how you are connected to all that is around you.

2. Close your eyes, and imagine sense and feel a small spark of light that ignites into a flame within the centre of your chest.  As you do, feel that connection to your spirit expand within you.

3. Do something creative!  Paint, write, play – do something creative to expand your creativity which will expand your connection to the element of Fire.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about Earth and how it connects to you as a person. If you are interested in bringing more clarity into your life then you may be interested in taking the 28 day Soul Coaching Program with me, where we spend 7 days focusing on the element of Fire!