In the last part of these blogs on the elements, I am focusing on the element of Earth.  Earth is a very important element, and please forgive the really bad joke… but if we didn’t have the element of Earth, well I think we would be floating around in space.  I told you it was bad!  In seriousness though, the element of Earth represents our physical body and is our own connection to Mother Earth.

The element of Earth is very much around us all the time.  Every physical object that you see comes from the Earth in one or another.  Some are changed from that raw element into something else.  However, everything has a connection to the Earth.  The more obvious examples of this are those that are still connected, the plants, the trees, the grass, and yep, the muddy earth too.  The Earth has it’s own vibration, and we connect with the element of Earth, we can begin to slow down.  We begin to connect with that natural energy that resides within us, that connects us to everything else.

Earth represents our physical body, and when we get slow and listen to our bodies, we can receive wisdom and guidance for what we need to do, not only with our bodies, but in our lives.  As we connect more to the subtle energy of the Earth, we connect to that greater wisdom.

Here are some ways that you can connect more deeply to the element of Earth, and to your body;

1. Go out into nature!  It may sound odd or be a little odd to go up and hug a tree, unless you want to, but what you can do is go and sit up against a tree.  Close your eyes and feel the energy, the connection that you can get, just from sitting up against a tree or connecting to nature.

2. Take time to talk to your body.  If you have an ache or pain in your body, imagine that it is a person and ask it what it needs you to know.  You maybe surprised at the answers.

3. Do something to cherish your body! Give it a treat like a massage or a foot bath, as you do, relax and imagine that you are connecting to Mother Earth as well.

If you are interested in bringing more clarity into your life then you may be interested in taking the 28 day Soul Coaching Program with me, where we spend 7 days focusing on the element of Earth!