I was chatting with a friend, and realised that it is nearly 5 years since I first took the Soul Coaching® training to become a Soul Coach. I remember the day that I left, and I remember most of the experience. It was profound, and spending my birthday in California wasn’t bad either! Over the next few days, I am going to take you on a little journey through the elements, Air, Water, Fire and Earth that make up the Soul Coaching program. Today, I am focusing on Air, and how it relates to us as human beings.

Of course, we need Air to live! It’s part of our breathing, and each day, we are surrounded by air. However Air is connected to the mental aspect of ourselves, the mind, the thoughts but also our surroundings. You probably know or have heard the phrase that goes along the lines of “take a deep breath” or “needing a breather” when we have Air in our lives, it enables us to be more open and expansive to our own needs.

Life is also about balance, and when we bring each of the elements into balance within our lives, then we can achieve so much more. Here are some ideas and tips that you can use to bring the element of Air into your life;

1. Clear out clutter! Focus on an area or room that you like to relax in. As you clear out the clutter, rubbish or anything else you don’t need, you bring in a clarity that enables you to think more clearly.

2. Schedule time to relax! We often schedule our lives so fully, that we don’t have time out to recharge our batteries!

3. Focus on the element of air, and the air that is around you. On each breathe that you breathe in, imagine you are filling up with clarity, and as you breathe out, you are releasing all that you no longer need!

Tomorrow, I will be talking about Water and how it connects to you as a person. If you are interested in bringing more clarity into your life then you may be interested in taking the 28 day Soul Coaching Program with me, where we spend 7 days focusing on the element of Air!