No sooner had I completed my last day of full time work, I was on a plane heading out of the country! My partner and I had booked a week in Gran Canaria and were heading to get some sun, sea and a bit of sangria to celebrate my leaving work and starting the new adventure of working with Spirit. However, it didn’t start in the best of ways, as I could feel a cold start the day before we were due to fly out, and then feel it in full swing the next morning! However, I was not going to let it get the better of me, and dosed up on cold and flu medicine, I boarded the plane! It was great to leave the rain behind, and then find ourselves in the sun a few hours later!

We checked into the hotel, and then got some dinner before heading back to the apartment. There was just one thing missing. There was no Wi-Fi! I am sure that when I checked out the hotel on-line, that Wi-Fi was available, but nope – there was none! I actually started to panic! I didn’t have any access to my email, Facebook, twitter or the various sites that I look at every hour or so! What was I going to do! My first thought was to embrace this disconnection from the world and enjoy holidays that they were meant to be, relaxing and away from the rest of the world – but I have to admit, it wasn’t too easy!

By the second day, my mind was going overdrive in what could possibly going on in the world, and what were people posting on Facebook and the likes! Both my partner and I were doing the same, although by the evening, we had gotten over it. We began to just enjoy the sun and the beach that stretched for miles. However, in the evening we headed out, and found free Wi-Fi! Straight away I was there with my iPhone connecting with the world again, and realising that I actually had more spam than I did actual emails – in fact for each genuine email I had about 10 emails which I didn’t read. The next evening was the same story, lots of spam but only a couple of real emails.

I did check in on Facebook, and connected with my friends and family, however I recognised that with my emails I was just downloading lots of stuff that I didn’t want to read! When I got home, I found that I had over 200 emails, and only 20 personal emails that I would generally read. So I made a decision to cut out the emails that I no longer read. I spent over an hour clutter clearing my emails, and removing myself from various mailing lists that I didn’t read any more, and recognised that as I begun to clear out the emails, I was beginning to feel clearer in myself.

Clutter clearing is not just about physical clutter; it is also about mental clutter that can occupy your time. If you go through your own emails, how many are genuine that you read (I’m really hoping that mine is one of them ;-)!) and how many do you just delete without looking at? If you look at your computer desktop, how many of the icons there are ones that you use and how many just clutter up the screen? Take time to clean out the mental clutter that you don’t need, and notice how much clearer you can become as you do so!