The first of April was a great day for me – and it didn’t contain any April Fools! It was the day that I became debt free! Now, my debt wasn’t student loans or anything but money that I had spent when I got my first credit card. I felt great when the Gold MasterCard arrived in the post, and my promise to use it for only the essential things was soon thrown out of the window. The wise words from my dad, which were to “pay off the balance the minute you get it” was also ignored too! I refer to the time of spending as my “pre spiritual days” because I owned the latest DVDs and CDs to keep me entertained. I was looking for something on the outside to keep me happy, when actually I needed to find my happiness within.

When I found Spiritualism, my spending didn’t decrease straight away – as I was so interested in reading as much as I could, that I brought the latest books to help me understand more. However, I soon found that I owed a lot more than what I was really admitting to, and in fact, my credit card debt was mounting with loans and balance transfers, that I thought would help me to clear it.

When I told my friend that I was now debt free, she asked me “What is your magical secret?” To be honest, I didn’t have one! I took things one step at a time and trusted that I could get through it. The same principles that I would use to achieve anything that I wanted to do, I used to help me step out of debt.

My favourite teacher, Denise Linn has a saying that helped me achieve this. It is “Trust in God, but tie up your camels”. For me, that meant that whilst I know that I could become debt free, and I could have manifested it in a magical way, but I also needed to take action myself as well to help the process along. Here are the steps that I took, which can be used in any area of your life;

1. Be Clear with your Intention!
I remember when I decided that I wanted to become debt free. I was on a course and was asked what I wanted to manifest in my life. At the time, it wasn’t anything big or exciting, but it was to be debt free. I made sure that I also knew what that would feel like, and focused on that feeling. I can only describe it as a sigh of relief!

2. Get Real!
What is true about my current situation? For me, I had to add up all my credit cards and loans, and make sure that I had an amount that showed me actually how much I was in debt. It counted up to around £12,000 at the time I did this exercise! The one thing that you need to be sure of here is that you tell the truth. There is no point in hiding away anything, getting real is about acknowledging what is true. The main reason for this is that when you know exactly what it is, you own it and can then change it.

3. Exploring Ideas!
What are some of the ways that you can achieve your intention? I looked at many different ways or how to minimise my debt, and took a course of action that worked for me. However, play with this! Get a piece of paper and write down all the different ways you can achieve your goal, and then find three of four actions that are possible and that you can do.

4. Take Action – One Step at a Time!
This is important, you never want to overload yourself with actions, so pick one, and take that one step!

These four steps helped me achieve being debt free, and it did take me a few years to do, but I did it. The interesting thing that does happen though is that as you take action, help does come along in many different and unexpected ways! Denise also says, “God helps those that help themselves” and when I did, I noticed that more wonderful things and opportunities happened in my life, and continue to do so!