This year does actually seem to be flying by! Here we are in mid-May, summer still hasn’t really started in the UK, and yet as a friend on Facebook pointed out – next month is the longest day of the year! I guess that instead of wondering where summer is – I will just celebrate the good weather we have when it arrives!

When I am feeling stuck or need some inspiration, I will often pull an oracle card to give me a little jolt in the right direction. So today, when I was getting ready to write my newsletter, I was staring at a blank page and nothing was happening. So I picked up the Gateway Oracle Cards and I saw the card ‘Taking Action’. I ignored it, it wasn’t meant to be. However, as I shuffled you can guess what card popped up… Taking Action. So here we are!

The year is flying by for me, and things that I thought were miles off are actually upon us! However, whilst I’ve noticed that time is flying, I have also been able to get things done, including one project that I kept saying I will do it – but just never did! I decided that it was now or never, as all the excuses that I had put in my way for not doing were slowly falling away. Have you ever noticed that you’ve used the phrase “It’s not the right time” and yet you can’t explain when that time is? If you have, then it’s time to do it or leave it.

What have you been putting off? What is the one thing that you know would make you happy – but for some reason you just can’t do it? Chances are you have a couple of answers to those questions, so now ask yourself what is just one step you can take towards making your dream come true? Sometimes our dreams can seem so big, that we don’t action, yet when we break it down into smaller steps, we can actually achieve it.

The other thing that I do well is to try and do everything on my own. I know I have help from Spirit, but as Spirit often remind me, there are Spiritual people here on the Earth plane too that are ready and willing to help us, sometimes all we need to do is ask! I have a nice big project coming up, and what I recognised is that one of two things would happen. I would do it, yet it would be shoddy and as a semi-perfectionist, I wouldn’t get it done. The second thing is that I just wanted get it done. So I asked for help and a friend and fellow coach was there to help me, and together we have made a plan, and little by little I am reaching the goals of this new project.

So let me ask you again, what have you been putting off and what is just one step, one action that you can take to making your dreams come true?