It started with a vision exercise; What do you want your life to look like. It seems a simple question in itself, but it can be daunting. There is so much to choose from. I picked the one thing I really wanted, no matter how much I had told myself it wasn’t important. But the soul loves the truth, and I wanted a relationship. The vision which came to me was simple. I was walking hand in hand with my love in nature, up a hill and past a tree. It felt surreal, and yet there was a feeling there which I couldn’t ignore. The funny thing to the vision; I am not a nature person!

The image was simple and yet it held so much feeling behind it. I scoured the internet and image websites to find something which captured what I had seen. It wasn’t easy, because there aren’t many websites which show what I had seen, but after a while, I found it. It wasn’t perfect, but it did hold the feeling I wanted. I couldn’t see the faces of the guys in the picture, which made it easier to work with. I had my vision, and a focus for my dream board.

A dream board, or vision seed map, or treasure map (it goes by many names) is a collection of images and words which represent the things you want to create in your life. I’ve done these for many years, and I’ve learnt that things can sometimes manifest in exactly the way you put them on the board, or something better happens. I took the image of the guys and the tree and glued it down in the middle of my dream board, which was 16″ x 12″. I then placed other images around the main image which represented some of the things I wanted to manifest. On the 12th June, 2017, my board was complete and I put it up in my bedroom.

On the 9th September, I had a date with a guy. We hit it off and when we went for a walk, we walked up a hill and there was a tree there which we stood under whilst it rained. It was some time after our first date that I realised how potent that picture was, and how the things I’d put on my dream board had manifested.

Over to you … Start with a vision

What do you want your life to look like? Spend some time answering this question. Close your eyes and imagine if you had no limits, what would your life look like. Allow a single image to come to mind, and then search for an image which represents this. You can print that image off and use it as a way to manifest, or you can add more to it. The choice is your, and there are no limits. I will be teaching an online workshop called Create a Life You Love where I will go into more detail on how to create a dream board and much more.