I had only just gone to bed at 1am, when I heard something out in the back garden. Our garden is very closed off, so to hear something rummaging about was a bit worrying. I could hear it getting closer, and it sounded as though it was clambering over the shed, that is right beneath my window! So I grabbed my phone, put the flashlight on and had a look. Staring back at me was a Fox, it’s eyes reflecting the light and just staring at me, doing nothing, but not backing down.

We stared at each other, until the Fox decided it wasn’t getting anything and moved on. I was amazed at how it was agile enough to walk along the top of the fence to make it’s way back out into the streets, especially as the fence isn’t that strong!

Once my excitement died down, I headed back to bed, and wondered what it could mean. I believe that when we need to hear them, Spirit send messengers our way to help us make changes that we need to. I don’t always listen to the obvious signs, but I knew that this Fox meant something. The Fox is often seen as cunning and a trickster in many books, yet that didn’t feel right.

For me, the Fox is resourceful and shows bravery so that it can get it’s needs met. In the UK and particularly where I live, I see many Foxes in the streets, and not just at night time! So I listened to that inner voice, and realised that I wasn’t getting some of my own needs met. One of these was my office job, and rather than work all hours of the day, I decided it was time to now take back my personal time so that I could focus on more of the things that I am passionate about.

The next day, I spoke with my boss and told him my plans, and we agreed a new working routine, which is better for me. So far, I’ve been able to do a little more with my free time, which is so much better for me.

Over to You: Have you noticed any animals or spirit messengers showing up in your life recently, and what messages could they have for you? I would love to hear what you have received!