If you’ve ever tried the circus trick where someone would have several plates spinning around them, and keeping them all spinning and not letting them drop, then you will know what it’s like – it’s hard! If you’ve never seen it before, then check this comical video out before reading on! 🙂

Whenever I give public demonstrations of mediumship, I always listen to the messages that Spirit give through me to the congregation. I love the analogies that they use, and the way that they convey the messages of love, upliftment and strength. I know that I should be listening to what they are saying too, because it’s their indirect way of talking to me when I don’t listen to them!

I noticed that my life was beginning to get very busy, which was good in one way, but not so much when I don’t have time to sit and just be… one of the things that I encourage others to do! So when I did finally sit down and ask Spirit what to do, they showed me the spinning plates. Except, rather than trying to keep all the spinning plates up, I had to let some drop. In other words, there were things happening within my life that I had to let go of.

I questioned how that could be! I love every piece of my life, and the work that I do, but I have to admit, that I was running pretty low on energy, and with that, I couldn’t continue as I was or I would really burn out! Something that Spirit had warned me of! I didn’t want that to happen, but I had to find a way to give myself more time to relax and just be!

I started to look at my diary, and bit by bit, I found places where I felt a small squeeze in my stomach that filled me with dread. I went into that feeling, and found that as much as I enjoyed aspects of my life, there were bits that I didn’t. I made a list of all the things where I felt that little bit of dread, and then made a plan to diminish them. In some cases, I made cancellations of events that I had planned, and in others I had to step down from volunteering my time. In short, I begun to make space in my life by cutting out commitments that I was just saying yes to, when really I should have been saying no! As I begun to free myself from the guy that likes to please all the time, I found myself becoming someone that honoured himself, and yes, I got to just be!

You can try this for yourself! Have a look through your diary, and notice when you have a feeling that isn’t good, and ask yourself how you can either remove it from your life or make that feeling a good one! Let me know how you get on!