Ask “Why Am I Here?”

The question itself could be answered in so many ways for so many different reasons.  From getting lost following directions to being in a job or situation that you hate!  However, the question really relates to the reason that you are here, on this planet at this moment in time.

I often think that I know why I am here, and what it is I meant to be doing whilst here.  However, as something new comes across my path and I have to rethink it all again!  I remember that as I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.  I would have imaginary classrooms, and imaginary registers where I would call out the names of the children in my class.  I even remember starting my own Mutant School (all in my head) after reading my first X-Men comic.  I would collect the Trumps cards that had the images and talents of the various superhero mutants on them, and put them into different classes.  As I got older, I didn’t grow up as I still love the X-Men comics and films, my dream remained.  However, I found that through various circumstances and situations I could not progress with my dream, and I had to leave school at 16 and get a job.  I tried for many years after that to get back into teaching, to find out what I needed to do, but still couldn’t reach it.  Mostly time, but also because studying really wasn’t my thing!  However, as I entered different jobs, I loved being trained, and envied the trainer because they were doing what I wanted to do.  I then begun to put myself forward to be the trainer for a customer services department that I worked in, and was successful.  Whilst I never gained any qualifications as a trainer, I was doing the job, and doing it well – I had found my passion!

As time moved on, my role changed, and I went from trainer to manager, and then to a Project Manager, and left the passion of teaching and training behind.  I begun to feel lost, and just trudged through my day and my life.  I think it was at my lowest point that Spirituality entered my life, and I was able to find something new and interesting again.  I found a place where I was able to be myself, and learn something new.  I am the type of person that once I have learnt something, I want to share it.  So soon after developing and working as a medium, I begun to teach.  I then begun to develop and create workshops and other events where I could pass on what I had learnt, so that others could share it too.  I am grateful to Soul Coaching® too, because as I have learnt to go through the program and become a Soul Coach, I have then gone on to teach others, that connecting to their Soul and asking themselves, “Why Am I Here?”, I am able to watch them grow and find their passion too!


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