Energy Up / Energy Down

I decided to walk around my bedroom, which is the room that I spend most of my time in.  I sleep here, watch films, play games and relax, but I also work and run telephone workshops from here.  I was very surprised to find that as I stepped into my room to feel what it was like, my energy went down, and I didn’t really want to be in there!  I found that quite amusing, as being a Feng Shui practitioner, and helping others to make the most out of their space and environment is what I love to do – yet I was missing the point with myself!

I looked around the room, and whilst I try to keep everything as neat and as tidy as possible, it’s sometimes very hard to do so!  I also have my partners things to contend with, and so between us it can get quite busy (aka messy!) in here.  I have noticed that there are areas in my room where I felt a little bit lonely, and when I looked at them in Feng Shui terms, I recognised the lack and loneliness in that part of my life too.  I begun straight away to clear out one one area of my room, with more clutter clearing, and cleaning it to make sure that it’s got a new energy feeling to it.  Making this small change has helped me to feel more clearer as I then enter the room, and allows me to manoeuvre around much easier!  It didn’t take too much effort either!  Once I had done it, I noticed the shift that was taking place within me.  In that area of my room, things seemed clearer, and not just weighed down.  As I walk around the rest of the room, I find and make more adjustments where it doesn’t feel right.  As my teacher would say “If it feels good, then it’s good Feng Shui.  If it feels bad, then it’s bad Feng Shui”.

With clutter clearing, I learnt that I am not my “stuff”, and yet, I still carry many things in my room that are really there as a way to define me.  I look at the things that I have, and realise that I hold onto them as a way to say I’ve done this, or brought this, or achieved this, and yet as I pick up some of the objects, I just don’t feel that anything with them!

I guess my friends are going to be either loving or hating me as I begin to clear out of some of the objects that don’t make my energy feel good, and I pass them around to see who wants them!  I love some crystals, and have brought lots over the past few years, but as I recognise now that I don’t need them all, it’s time for me to pass them on.  Otherwise, I know that the charity shops will be having a blast with them too!


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