Be the Sacred Observer

I talk to myself.  I do it all the time.  OK, it’s not out loud, but I do talk to myself!  I have little conversations in my head, and in those conversations I can be quite harsh.  I will tell myself off, I can be quite nasty, and each comment can actually take me from a happy mood to one where I am just miserable!  Some of the comments can be worse than what anyone else tells me, but one thing that I have noticed is that as I think it – so I become.

I spent the day observing my thoughts, and the internal conversations that I was having, and there were two recurring themes.  “I am lazy” and “I am naughty”.  As I continued with these thoughts, I didn’t change them, I just let them be.  I found that I become more naughtier, and even more lazier!  Ignoring the tasks that I had set myself for the day and opting to lay in bed longer than I had intended, not even dressing to get up!  I found myself getting quite miserable with it as well.  How was I naughty, you may be asking!  Well, I have a game on my computer called The Sims 3.  I have loved The Sims games for years, and enjoy creating characters and making changes in their lives and homes.  So on the day when I was meant to be getting lots of work done, I was being naughty and playing The Sims!  One of my Sims had just had a baby, and so it was all pretty exciting…. but it wasn’t getting things done!

What I’ve noticed with my thoughts and my self talk is that as I say something negative to myself, I follow it.  I followed the “I am so naughty” again and again, until it became reality and I stuck with playing the game regardless.  I followed that “I am so lazy” so much that I stayed in bed for much longer, again not doing what I had set myself for the day.  However, what would have happened if I had changed the thoughts, and made them more positive?

Changing the “I am so lazy” to “I am full of energy” things would have been very different.  I would have gotten up and done things at home that I wanted to.  I would have probably achieved much more in my day than I had intended as well.  If I had changed my words from “I am so naughty” to “I am good” then I would have probably not spent so many hours playing the game, and I would have done work instead of playing.  I would have spent my time my productively and felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day instead of trying to double the amount of work I had the next day!  Changing our thoughts is easy.  Just recognising your thoughts and then not telling yourself off for having negative thoughts, but just changing the ones that don’t work for you is all you need!