Replenished by Nature

You know what it feels like when you take a walk in nature, to the park or down to the beach, a trip to the forest or down to the lake, your energy levels go up.  You feel calm, relaxed and at peace with all that is.  OK, I am talking more about the days when the weather is good – as lets be honest, standing on a beach whilst it is raining cats and dogs is never fun… but when the sun is shining and its warming your skin, things couldn’t be more perfect.

However, it’s not always possible, and getting outside can be more  trouble than the benefits that it would bring.  Especially in a very wintery February morning – going out of the house was not something I really wanted to do!  The wind has picked up here, and we are down to just 1° centigrade, and whilst the sun is out – I would be wearing so many layers that it would not even touch my skin!  There is another way though, and that is through meditation and visualisation.

I have participated and led many guided meditations since I found Spiritualism, and I have also let my imagination take me to wonderful places that have let me feel those feelings without even being there.  There are many studies available on the power of visualisation, and one was shooting basketball hoops.  Three groups of people were given different tasks.  The first group was to spend an hour a day for a month shooting hoops.  The second group were told to visualise shooting hoops, and the third group were told to do nothing at all.  At the end of the month, the first group had a 24% performance improvement, which would make sense.  The third group, who hadn’t been doing anything made no improvement, which would be expected.  The second group who were told to visualise shooting the hoops improved by 23% – just 1% shy of the group that were actually doing it!  So this is the power of visualisation!

Rather than going out in the cold weather, I decided to sit back and go on my own walk in nature – and I didn’t even restrict myself to being in this country – I wanted to go to the beach!  I closed my eyes and imagined myself at a beach in Miami, a place I had visited before.  I was sitting on the sand as the sun was high in the sky and warming my skin.  The sand was hard yet soft at the same time, and I could feel the warmth of it beneath me.  I decided to stand up, and then walk to the sea shore, where the gentle surf came to shore to great me.  I paddled my feet in the warm waters, not worrying about getting my trousers wet, but just let myself be gently bathed by the waters.  I stood facing the vastness of the ocean, and felt a gentle breeze across my face, taking with it all my aches and pains, allowing me for this moment to just be!


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